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I overran the 30 day limit to reregister after a reinstall of xp :pt1cable: and now they want $59 to register it. is there a workaround for this problem? I received no warnings or hints, which i am suppose to get. Now all i get is a screen with a user name and a blank password.
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  1. You will need to purchase a key.Tom's Hardware doesn't provide help to bypass registrations of an OS.
  2. I got xp installed but it's missing some files. It's only 5 so i thought i'd install them manually. Do you think i have 30 days to register it?
  3. grumpy62 said:
    I got xp installed but it's missing some files. It's only 5 so i thought i'd install them manually. Do you think i have 30 days to register it?

    You're jumping around with your issues. Did you re-install XP after the first post where you had it installed and did not register?

    If XP starts up after the setup, boot it up and you should see a register pop-up come up in the system tray by the clock. Make sure you have an internet connection and register it. Some OEM and Corporate XP versions may not have this pop-up, but you may need to register it anyway. If you try to run a Windows Update it will tell you that and should bring you to the registration page.
  4. I registered it the first time it was installed. Since then i have reinstalled it 4-5 times. This last time It said it was blocked because it hadn't been registered. According to Microsoft i was to recieve hints and warnings to register but i recieved no such warnings or hints and the next thing i knew it had been locked. I called Microsoft and he said i had to pay $59 to get them to register it. Somebody, i don't remember if they were from here or what told me to try again to install it and it worked??? Now i'm wondering if i have 30 days to register it or is it going to pull the same ***. :hello: I'm 62 and i have a problem with short term memory. :pt1cable: So excuse me if i don't get all the details correct. I was telling what happened as it happened using another computer. :hello: I ordered 2gb of memory because that is what was recommend by the Mem Tests i did. I also borrowed the files and settings using the tranfer wizard. The other is a Dell running XP also. It was ok for a while and then it started giving me a screen with black vertical lines and now it show a blue screen with white writing of a STOP error. It has the letters HP in the center of both sides and two sides about the STOP error in sort of double vision while it dumps the files to disc??? A restart does the same thing. If the new memory doesn't fix the problem i will still have 2GB so it's cool. Right now the other computer is waiting for the new memory. Grumpy62 PS: Wife says we ain't paying for something we already paid for.
  5. Are you re-installing it on the same system with no changes? If you run Windows Update, it will tell you if it's genuine and registered or not.
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