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Just fixed an older computer that has an ATI Radeon X1650 Pro, 512MB GDDR2. I just removed a video card from another older computer and was wondering which card is better. Both are AGP cards. The other one is a Verto by PNY GeForce 7800GS, 256MB.

Is the ATI better just because it is 512MB vs. 256MB?
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  1. the 7800GS is the better card

    the x1650pro was awful even when it was new...i know sadly...it was too slow to utilize 512mb of ram

  2. Woah I never even knew about that chart, that makes some things a lot easier ^_^
  3. Thank you. I never would have thought that the GeForce would be better. Looks like I'll be taking the ATI out and installing the GeForce. Appreciate it.
  4. better go with HIS HD4670 man ..power efficient and fast!
  5. Thanks, I wasn't going to go out and buy one. These are my two choices right now unless I could find something better that is inexpensive. AGP video cards seem hard to find these days.
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