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Just learnt that you lose everything you've written when you don't select a Sub category.

Hello, I am a software developer and an urgent issue forced me to upgrade to an AGP HD3850.

I now don't want to chuck that legacy AGP card when I upgrade so I was looking at a Conroe865pe

So I need AGP, many core (quad) support, 4Gb RAM and SSD potential. The board above should do it - the SSD just about pushing the boundaries of SATA1.

Am I right in thinking the board above will run a quad core?? Does anyone have any better ideas/boards??

The 4CoreDual SATA2 is limited to 2Gb RAM, which is not enough.

Thanks, Luke
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  1. Luke, there are folks who done some mods to the 4core to run 4 gb DDR2 800. I've seen several posts on it - you'll have to look for them as at least one walks thru the steps to allow the bigger DDr2's.
  2. Thanks that's sort of reassuring. I had noticed when people put their rig specs under their names some had configurations that betrayed the spec sheets.

    I don't find the information as easy to come by as I do for programming where there are blogs and extensive articles written for people of all abilities.

    In my own blog,, I can spend a couple of days putting together diagrams and copy for the greater benefit of the community, I'm sure such things exist in the world of extreme hardware performance, but I just don't know where to look yet.

  3. Not really sure if this thread is still visible as its not appearing under My Threads but here's the posting that Wayne was referring to:
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