Which driver do I use??

Im about to install a new Sapphire HD 4670 graphics card. Im new at doing this so bare with me. I know I need to remove my old card's drivers using drivesweeper or drive cleaner from what Ive read on here. Then I install the card, and once the computer comes back on, I guess it will look to install the driver. I want to use the most up to date driver, do I just update the drivers after it has been installed?

My main question is that when I go to the Sapphire website, there is a list of 4 or so different drivers for Windows XP, which do I download? How do I install them.
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  1. Thanks. I will use those. But when the computer comes up will it automatically load a driver, or will it give me the option to use the ones Ive downloaded?
  2. find the downoaded file and install it, its not automatic, you know doubleclick, do you agree etc,... it will most likely ask you to restart after its completed
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