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I'm in the process of ordering parts for my first build and I would like to know if the RAM I would like to order is compatible with the mother board I'm planning to get.

OZC RAM combo with CPU:
RAM($75 after MIR)


(I have looked at the manual for the mother board online and it isn't on there but I know that list doesn't cover every stick of RAM)

What are the general guidelines to know if RAM is compatible or are there any?


The reason I was looking at that RAM was because it is cheaper (after MIR, $75) than most of the other DDR3 RAM that receives good reviews on newegg. I was originally going to get
this GSKILL:
but then it went off sale so it's now $109.

then I thought about one of these

But, the OCZ is cheaper than those three and seems to get good reviews as well. I just am not sure if the RAM will work with the MoBo since it is not 790FX/790GX and I don't know if it supports AOD or if needs to with the OCZ RAM which is what newegg's description says that the RAM works well with.

Thanks for any help!
below is the rest of my planned build if anyone is interested.

PSU and HD combo:
RAM: ???
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    Motherboard's Manual:

    The RAM will work fine on the motherboard, so go ahead and purchase it without worrying about that. If you're still un-sure about anything, check out the memory FAQ that's stickied at the top of the forum:
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