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So...yesterday I was trying to update bios on my Asus Z8PE-D18. I downloaded from web asus windows flasher + new bios(I try few moths ago using DOS one but I got scated and quit that idea..). Anyway yesterday I failed... pc died, lucky I had backup I changed pin, inserted usb with bios, from there asus atutomatically found usb, bios did flash and it boot up normaly... Today after few thoughts I decided to try again..but this time I wanted to do it same way as I recovered my bios yesterday. Since manual did say that I can use never bios to recover old one.. then I did it. I change pin, insert flash boot pc... Boom I hear 2 Beep Beep. Black screen nothing... I w8 few mins, and nothing happen... I power off pc, power up again, with normal pins and no USB inserted(was hoping its just error saying that bios is ok and no need to be recovered). I start pc again and screen and nothing is happening.. I left it for few mins and I noticed that my led was flashing for HDD and POWER at that same time... I turn off pc, disconected cmos reset etc etc. Power up again, now led are always black and nothing is going on :/. I try to start it in bios recovery mode again, nothing is happening... nothing I did has had any change on pc since it ''died''

Any idea what to do ? I sure hope I can fix it somehow withouth sending it to RMA coz that is going to be an dissaster... :(

I dont think its PSU, since Enermax got that diode at back(smart one). And its glowing in normal colors, so its not indicating any problems with PSU.

Im still searching web for info, some ppl mentioned that MOBO can be ded...but then fans connected to mobo would not spin would they? But they do. So I think mobo is still ''alive'' :) Duno to be sure...
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  1. Any idea any1 ?
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