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I just got done building my computer and now I am overclocking it. I have an ASUS P8P67 mobo that comes with the ASUS Ai that has the auto overclock feature. I used it and it was able to reach 47x multiplier. The core spead is 4841Mhz or about 4.8Ghz. I am running prime 95 and max temp are 70. The problem I have is that many people say your CPU vcore should not go pass 1.4V but on CPUZ, I am seeing 1.464V. Is that bad? The whole overclock was done by my mobo. Thanks.
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    Yep, your right about the vcore being a bit too high for 24/7 use. Overclocking utilities will tend to overvolt for stability sake and don't really care how long your processor lasts.

    Your better off overclocking manually in the BIOS so you have some control.
  2. I just ended up letting the software over clock me to 4.6Ghz and I got a Vcore with 1.39 so it is good. I ran Intel Burn Test and max temp were 72 and Prime 95 gives me lows 60.
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