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Hey I am looking for a good all around board for my new rig I plan to build in the next few months or so. I have a couple of board I am thinking about getting. I will be going with a I7 860. Though I know nothing abou oc ,I will try but I want a board that will make it simple.

Not sure about about evga, this board seems to be packed with features, does anyone recommend a evga? Would have any problems running a single radeon hd card at 16x on a evga that supports sli or does it not matter? I think this supports both.

Also looking at these asus boards but according reviews on the first board it's having problems with a high pitch noises. whats the difference between this mob and

This gigabyte

Also can anyone recommend any good memory to go with this these boards? I would like to install up to 8gigs

Please leave any feed back or suggestions.

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  2. So no opinion on the evga board? I don't care much for usb 3.0 not a deal big deal to me.
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