Phenom x4 9150E upgrade?

Howdy everyone, I am a new member to the forums and glad to be here.
I have a question...I bought a rig as an emergency replacement for my other rig which died. not bad for the price but a bit underpowered, the processor is a Phenom x4 9150E 1.8 ghz.
I really want a processor with more power and before I spend for a new rig I was wondering if there was a suitable upgrade.
I understand that there might be additional power requirements, would it be worth upgrading the processor without there being much hassle?
Any answer would be appreciated

Ok pal, I edited the post, you happy now forum nazi
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  1. What's the full specs of the rig? The motherboard may or may not support a Phenom II, but if it does that would be a worthwhile upgrade.
  2. Thanx for your reply..
    My current motherboard is; Nettle3-GL8E
    My computer model is; HP Pavilion a6700y

    I know my power supply is quite low(300w) and I run a Nvidia GT 9800 power saver I found on newegg plus a Sound card (Soundblaster Fatality PCI-e x1).... So yes I'm stretching my power quite thin I know, but I have no prob upgrading that too......

    I can do the work myself, just never replaced a processor before....

    I'm just wondering if it's worth upgrading this rig for 3-4 hundred as a mid lvl gaming/media rig, as I'm really considering getting a new i7 built...(I also use a high-end gaming laptop)

    Thanks again...Mark
  3. For a quadcore, that was already the best processor your motherboard can handle due to its limited TDP (90 watts?)

    If you don't need a quad core and don't mind a faster dual core for $50 free shipping

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Brisbane 2.9GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core Processor

    With that motherboard, I wouldn't put more cash into it than $50.

    But if you have $400, forget about the old motherboard, get a new one and start over.
  4. Quote:
    E5200 and a new mobo would only run you about $100-120, depending on where you live.

    The E5200 will clock to 3.5-4ghz very easily and be a great mid-level gaming upgrade for you.

    If you live by a microcenter they have this deal for $112. (E5300)

    On one of my systems, I've got the E5200/G31 mobo. However, if I had to spend te cash again I would throw in another $20 and go with Phenom II X2 550 (or 555) Black Edition. Why? Overclocked it beats the E5200 and more important I can unlock the two other cores and have a 3.8 Ghz quadcore while paying less than half if I wne the Intel route.
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