Need Really an Expert ..

Hello first of let me tell you my config :

Intel 2500k processor
Board : MSI Z68agd80 (b3)
2TB Hitachi 6gb/s
Gskill 8GB (4x2) 1600MHZ
Corsair 750W PSU

Now my problem is Today I started my new PC and ready to install Windows 7 OS unfortunately .. It Hangs up at "Setup Is Starting Windows"

After sever attempts I found that system hangs up at a stage when the files must be copying to HardDisk ..

So I removed my HardDisk and tried to install .. The same problem I face ..

It always hangs at "Setup Is Starting Windows"

Kindly if any expert helps me .. I am very much thankful to him ..
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  1. since this is under overclocking... is your system overclocked?
  2. I don't know .. is this overclocking problem ?

    I am learning things now only ..

    Please guide me what shall I do now .. such That I can do
  3. You posted this in wrong section friend. If the OS is orginal copy , try another hard disk
    If it isnt try installing it on some other PC
  4. If this is your first build check your ram timings, they could be off and making it Hang.
  5. Azt3ck said:
    If this is your first build check your ram timings, they could be off and making it Hang.

    Hello how to change them .. There are lot of configurations in my DRAM option
  6. Please some body help me .. I spend lot of money to this system

    But today I am unable to use it ..

    so many experts are here .. Please spare some time to start my PC

    Please Its really Annoying ..
  7. have you tried letting it sit for a while on that screen. i put win7 on Pentium4 comp, not really able to handle win7, and it hung up on that screen for almost 15 min-20min. you have new stuff so i wouldn't think that that would be the problem. mabey your bios didnt set the right default ram voltage and its opperation is unstable but not to crashing points. the last one accualy happend on my Phenome II x4 build on a MSI board last year.
  8. Bro I am trying since yesterday morning restless .. Till mid night 12 :00

    no use .. since I dont have a clue where would be the problem
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