Monitor going black randomly, computer stays on

For the last few days, my monitor has just suddenly been going black. I have to restart my computer manually before anything will come up again. This happens with seemingly no reason, since it'll just happen when I'm browsing the net, playing a game, or doing nothing.

The system still runs, but no audio comes from my speakers as far as I can tell. The speakers aren't attached to the monitor either. Normally, if my system shuts off and the speakers are on, they make a loud popping sound, but it's not doing that now.

My computer definitely isn't overheating (I have SpeedFan running and always pay attention to the computer's temperature), and I haven't installed anything new or done anything differently. I'm not sure what it could be, and my event log doesn't seem to list anything suddenly acting up.

Not sure what information I need to post, but it's an XP Pro (2004 version, I believe), HP Pavilion, Windows Media Center Edition.
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  1. It could be a failing monitor. Or a failing video cable, or a failing video output port, or a faulty power cable to the monitor.
  2. If that's the case, occasionally my monitor will suddenly go black and say "No signal input", and it also won't work again until I restart.. So I suppose that's probably the likely issue.
  3. Check your Display drivers or RAM..its creating this issue.
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