ATI 4890 vs. nVidia GTX 275?

I'm looking to play Aion with very high framerate, in very crowded spaces with lots of stuff going on, on full graphics. Thats about it though, so I dont want to spend a whole bunch of money on something I don't need. I'm getting four gigs of ram (Corsair Dominator) and a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition, so that's figured out. Which one of these is best?
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  1. First off, I would recommend looking through,2387.html

    While that list isn't the end all decision maker for video cards, you might notice neither of these are on there. I honestly think the GTX 260 Core 216 would handle Aion just find. I didn't find any system requirements for the game, but the 260 can handle pretty much anything that's out right now pretty well. It also saves you some money.
  2. Either card would absolutely destroy aion. Aion is really optimized, and runs surprisingly fast, even on bad hardware. Even a nvidia 9800 destroys aion, and I bet a 8800 would run it very well.

    It's up to you, really.
  3. i currently have a 4980 OC to 900/1000 and i've been in all the Aion beta. For the most part of the game, 90% of the time it runs it perfectly fine. I have all the settings on max at 1650x1080 but inside cities with a lot of ppl or during raids/rifting with massive people, you can see it slow down but nothing that would affect gameplay too drastically. But the FPS does drop.

    A 9800/8800gt will run the game, but i'm sure the FPS would drop a lot more in those intensive moments on max settings than a card like a 4890 or gtx275.

    My housemate runs a 4870, and it also runs the game just fine. I would advise you to get a 4870 instead and save a bit of money over the 4890. :)
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