Failing Motherboard?

Where do I start? I’m not a Super User or Extremist. I’m a mainstream guy who builds his own computers for performance. The computer gets mostly light duty office work, but it does seem to help with downloads and other time savers to get the better hardware.

The last upgrade some 3 years ago (this is from memory) was the MSI P6N SLI, 2.3GHZ Intel Duo, (1) Radeon x1650, 2 MB 800 Mhz DDR2, (2) WD 160 GB in Raid 1. I’m cooking along ok I do not use it much. Last week, I mush have asked it to do too much because DR Watson shut her down. After reboot, I get a Stop 0X0000007B. I google this and from the information it appears that I most likely have a boot sector virus (even though the BIOS hardware protection and AVG is running). So, I buy a new Hard drive, reload windows (connected SATA, but not raid) and am able to copy the file over from the old hard drive. I reloaded and ran AVG with no detection. At the same time, I bought the Toshiba 1 TB external HD (connected with a ESATA to SATA cable) with backup SW, because now I’m paranoid. In the process of all this, I’m downloading all updates, patches, re loading office, etc. All the sudden, I get a Write back Delay error (or something similar). I go back to google, and disable all the write-back properties on all drives. It will not back up the data.

I’m getting the feeling that the Southbridge is failing, but I’m not sure. Is their better troubleshooting mechanisms out there? Is there some SW that can stress my computer and tell me what is actually wrong? I still think it might be heat related. I replaced the G.C. 4 years ago and the guts 3 years ago with a failing HD. I did not have this problem with the full tower server case over this mid case. (of course, that was 8 years ago.)

I feel like a doctor treating symptoms without being able to properly diagnose a problem. I am having a hard time distinguishing between component failure, operating system and human error. There has to be some better mechanism to figure this out. Any ideas?
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  1. I forgot to mention that I am not overclocking. Everthing is at defualts in Bios and normal temps and voltage in the MSI utility.
  2. I have a theory that for some reason the Raid 1 was broken. For what reason? I also think there is a problem with the external Toshiba Hard drive as I got the same write back error on my laptop. I tried to synchronize (instead of backup) and got a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error!

    Any ideas on what else to test/check?
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