Asus P6T SE support i7 930 ?

Im planning on buying asus p6t se motherboard and a Intel I7 930 when it comes,,,
I will probably get a pt6 se that does not have the latest bios (which does not support i7 930 yet)

what happens if I put the i7 930 in a p6t se with a older bios...will i be able to then upgrade to the i7
930-bios with the i7 930 on the motherboard ? or will my screen be blank when I turn on the computer?
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  1. Since it's not out yet we can't give you 100% accurate answers but i7 930 is supposed to replace a i7 920 so it will run on a 1366 socket motherboard so it will be fine with a P6T SE because its a X58(Socket 1366)motherboard
  2. Most likely you will need to have the BIOS updated first before putting the 930 in. It wouldn't recognize the 930 anyway if you haven't updated the BIOS yet.

    If only there was a way to access the BIOS without a processor...
  3. I emailed this question to asus and got a reply :

    "Dear Valued ASUS Customer!

    It should start just fine.

    Best Regards / Med Vänliga Hälsningar,
    ASUS TMSS Support"
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