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Smbus controller

i have a hp compaq 5750 small from factor computer. i recently had to reinstall the operating system xp pro. at that time there were a number of drivers missing. i was able to resolve all except the sm bus controller. i continue to have the yellow question mark in my device manager. i use this computer to home school my children so i need to get it fixed. any help is grealy appreciated. thanks
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    That computer uses the ATI Radeon® XPRESS 1150 Chipset.

    Look in the root of your system drive for a folder named ATI. It will also have a sub-folder named 'Support'. Below that folder there will be more folders, one will have the letters "_sb_" in the name of the folder someplace, mixed in with other numbers and letters. In that folder will be more folders yet, but one will be the SMBus folder and it will have only 2 files. These file are not automatically installed.

    If it does not exist, click
    HERE, you want to download "ATI Chipset Driver for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 2000" under the Chipset category.

    Go back to Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, and right-click the SMBus controller and select "Update Driver." Choose to install from a specific location. Click to "Include this location in the search" and browse to the ATI/Support/{chipset folder with the SMBus}/SMBus and the driver will be installed.
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  3. thanks for your help. i had the driver on the computer. when i went into the ATI. folder there was a help folder but no support folder. i opened up the help folder which had several folders but none with an sb before it. i also tried to update the driver for device manager but it said it couldnt find what it was looking for.
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