Weird DVD Burner with Windows 7 Problem - Any Advice?

I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit from a DVD with no problems. Once Windows 7 booted, Device Manager saw the drive and the proper model number. Says it was working properly. I could even flash the firmware. What I can't do, is eject the tray or see the disc. I can't eject manually or via Windows 7. And Windows 7 doesn't see the Windows 7 Ultimate DVD stuck inside.

I flashed the firmware w/ Vista 64-bit firmware, Vista 64-bit from the previous version, XP, Vista 32-bit...didn't matter.

So I bought a brand new Sony drive people on Newegg had zero problems with in Windows 7. Just installed it and I have the same problem!!!!

Both drives are SATA. I have 2 SATA HDDs as well. The order shouldn't matter with SATA right? Still I changed the DVD drive to be first in the chain, rather than 2nd, but that didn't help either.

I'm completely baffled :o :o
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  1. Since I had no idea if this was a hardware or Windows 7 issue, I made the same post in the Windows 7 forum. It was solved over there. For anyone interested:
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