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New desk with giant PC cabinet (not sure if right section)

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May 22, 2011 12:27:08 PM

Couldn't really find a section that better fits this - sorry mods.

Alright, so I just bought a pretty big L desk, and it has a spot for just about any sized computer inside of the cabinet provided. I left the hinges off, so it's wide open - didn't install the shelf above the cabinet so it's tall and open, cut open a giant rectangle (almost the size of the back panel itself - wanted some cable management from it though) and plan on drilling some more holes into the back area when I get my new PC.

The computer I'm building in ~1 month will be housed in a Coolermaster 942 and the CPU will be under liquid cooling. My main concern is the RAM/Video cards - I'll be running 12gb of Corsair Dominator and 2 Radeon XFX 6970's. Although the 942 has a LOT of cooling already, should I look into investing in something to keep it more cool? Or should I deal with the lack of a dedicated area for my PC that looks nice?
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May 22, 2011 9:30:40 PM

You're never going to know for sure until you try it. The key is to make sure that the intake vents get fresh cool air - if that's true then it really doesn't matter how tight the surroundings are as long as there's no impediment to the exhaust air.