OC'ing Stock OC'ed zotac 570 amp edition

Anyone know what the max settings are for a Zotac 570 amp edition? Never really overcloced an INVIDIA card and seeing that its already overclocked I want to be careful. I used firestorm the software the gpu came with and would like a suggestion of another piece of software for ocing it.

for my system spec please click on the more info link. below is my GPU's stock clocks.


Product Name

GeForce® GTX 570


NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 570

Engine Clock speed

780 MHz

Unified Shaders


Shader Clock

1560 MHz

Memory Clock speed

4000 MHz


1280MB DDR5

Memory interface


Display Outputs

Dual dual-link DVI & mini-HDMI




Active (with fan)

DirectX® version

DirectX® 11 with Shader Model 5.0

Other hardware features

8-channel Digital Surround Sound, HDMI 1.4a compatible, hardware accelerated Blu-ray 3D ready, NVIDIA® SLI™ ready, NVIDIA 3D Vision™ Surround ready

Software Features

nView® Multi-Display, Hardware Video Decode Acceleration Technology, NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology, OpenGL® 4.1,

Windows 7 capability

Windows® 7 with DirectCompute support
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    yes you can overclock a factory overclocked GPU, and sounds like all guys are using MSI AfterBurner to overclock their nVidia GPUs.
    Max Overclock ?? you can go up to 900 MHz and above if you've a water cooling.
    but i would suggest you try your own, bump up Core clock a little bit by (30 MHz), shaders by the same amount, Memory Clock by 100 MHz and check stability (run games, bench test,... ) if everything is okay and no crashes, try increasing all those by (xx MHZ) and do a stability test. if everything is okay try to go further.

    Note 1 : don't forget to check temps in each overclock you do.
    Note 2 : if instability happens increase GPU voltage a little bit, 1.088V is your max, don't recommend you go above that and you can ahieve above 850 MHz Core Clock, 1750 Shaders, 2000 Memory Clock with that voltages.
  2. Sorry about the late response but my 570 fried out and getting a replacement. Over Clocking card right now needless to say isnt an option. Got a green screen and will only allow for visuals in web browsing. Sad Face.
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