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I just bought an Asus P7P55-M mobo, a core i5-750 cpu and 4GB OCZ DDR3-1600 XMP edition (which is 100 after rebate). When I read the mobo's manual, it's said "according to intel cpu spec, CPUs with a core frequency of 2.66G support the maximum DIMM frequency of up to DDR3-1333 (I didnt know about that). To use DIMMs of a higher frequency with a 2.66G, enable the DRAM O.C Profile feature in the BIOS. However, in the Ai tweaker menu section of the manual, it's also said "if you install memory modules supporting the XMP technology, choose XMP mode (in the Ai Tweaker menu) to set the profile supported by your memory modules for optimizing the system performance". I am now confused. Can anyone tell me what I should do ?
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  1. Select the XMP profile.
  2. yep, "officialy mem speeds only go to 1333Mhz" so everthing above is actually a form of overclocking although the mb says it only supports 1333 it actually means that it can handle more most of the time the page of the manufacturer specifies the max mem speeds mine is 2100+ Mhz ;)
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