Best sli option?

Hey I currently have 1 9800 vanilla and 1 9800 + vanilla in sli and am looking to upgrade. I have a 780i motherboard so I only have 3 pci express slots. 1 slot is occupied by a creative fatality championship sound card, so I am left with 2 usable slots. I game at 1920 x 1200 resolution. Please take into account that I have a 700 watt psu so any config must be able to be run with that.

These are the options I am considering:

1) Get a gtx295 so I can maintain sli and put my 9800 gtx + and run it as a physx card.(cost 499)
2) Get 2 gtx 275's and run those in sli(cost 480)
3) Get 2 gtx 260 (216 core) and run those in sli (cost 380)
4) Get 1 gtx 280 and run my 9800 gtx + as a physx card (cost 340)

So what is the best option performance wise and money wise? And whats the most future proof?

Other specs are as follows:
q6600 overclocked to 3.2 ghz
4 giggs of ram(1066)
Creative fatality sound blaster.
windows vista 64bit(preordered windows 7)
Antec 1200 case.
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  1. 2 gtx 260 would give you gtx295 performance for a lot less money. Thats seems like the best price/performance.
  2. Your config is good enough.
    Why don't you wait for the new card's release.
  3. Good to see someone with a quality PSU that's up to the job for a change;)
    I agree with Shubham1401: Wait until the next gen comes out and re-appraise the situation once the dust has settled. That way you get to save a little more AND give yourself a great Christmas prezzie.
    If you want to upgrade now, then the dual GTX260 seems to be the best way to go, I do n't think dual GTX275s' will give enough extra performance over the GTX260 to justify the extra cost because the CPU will restrict them too much.
  4. I don't want to wait for the next series of cards because they'll most likely require me to upgrade my motherboard, cpu, and ram just to take advantage of them and I can't justify that cost when I just build this computer a year ago. My main goal is to upgrade my graphics situation and extend my computer's life for at least another 2 years. After reading the advice on these forums it sounds like the 2 gtx 260's is the best option. I was only considering the 295 because then I'd be able to keep one of my 9800 gtx's as a physx card in the other slot.

    Anymore advice before I make a final decision?
  5. Yes the 260's in SLI is the best option.

    That way you can also sell those two older cards and get some money.
  6. Try using the motherboards onboard sound chip, if you have not already done so, onboard sound has come on in leaps and bounds over that last few years, so you may find it gives perfectly acceptable sound and will free off a PCI-E slot, allowing you to keep a 9800 for PhysX (or to go tri-SLI).
    If you demand the best sounds, then, obviously you'll sneer at that suggestion, but one can only try;)
    I would still advise you to wait, though. Even if you do not choose to get a DX11 card, there is a good chance that their presence in the marketplace will drive the prices of 'old', 'obsolete' hardware down.
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