[URGENT]gtx 260 dead?? or motherboard slot??

here is my comp spec that I upgraded :

msi n260gtx-t20896-ocv3
phenom II x2 550
gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P
coolmax cu-700b 700w
Elpida 4x1gb ddr3

i also have a lite-on cd rw and sata 400gb hard drive that i am sure it has no problem since was using them before.

ok here is my story.
first of all, I didn't not buy that 700w power supply. and I use my old coolmax 450w instead. however, i got everything,built and it works perfectly fine at that time. I even installed window xp and drivers with the 450w.

after that, I was going to finish up everything and plug in all the usb stuff.
then it doesn't work.

I wasn't able to power it up. So i think that is because of the lack of power from the power supply. so I bought the 700w from newegg.

now i got the power supply, fortunately, i am able to power it up every time. all the fans are moving. But there is nothing showing on my monitor.
I also noticed that there is a sticky smell coming out from the video card. and the fan of the video card were kind of unstable, its like running fast->low->fast->low~~ P.S. i did plug in all the 6pin connectors.

so i stopped it... and now I am not sure what is the problem with it....
is it the motherboard pci-e slot problem? or the video card problem??
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  1. Sounds like a video card problem, return it! and get a refund or a replacement ASAP!
  2. I agree, seems like the video card.
  3. another thing....there is no beep from the motherboard...
  4. Best answer
    Hmm... then it could be

    The Mobo
    The Graphics
    OR Both

    Lets hope its just graphics :)
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