Dropped hard disk cannot see on my computer

my daughter knocked the Iomega external disk drive off the desk. It landed on carpet. The power light still shows but when connected via USB it does not appear on my computer. We have tried in different USB connectors and on other computer. No joy. Any ideas?
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  1. Unfortunately, But most likely Kiss it goodbye – very sorry.
    It is possible to disassemble the unit and remove the HDD. Should be a standard PATA or SATA HHD.
    Verify that a connector did not come loose, doubt it but possible.
    Once you see the manuf of the HDD, go to the manuf web site and download utilities for the drive.
    Temporarily install in a desktop: (1) If it shows up in my computer and you see the files - Great, just the enclouser (2)Run the manuf utility, if it cannot see it – it is probably toast.
  2. Does the drive spin up? Does it sound like it is trying to spin up?

    Your drive could be suffering from stiction or a seized spindle.

    See this thread, but heed the warnings:
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