What's the best heatsink/fan for my current situation?

I recently got this motherboard to go along with my 1090t after my old board died with the PSU...


My problem is that the stock heatsink for my processor is pretty awful, and I would like to replace it, but the CPU socket is very close to the memory slots (which I hear happens a lot on Gigabyte boards.) I use 4 sticks of memory, and don't really want to go without using one of them -- as I have heard a lot of stories of people who get aftermarket coolers ending up having to lose a memory stick due to it overlapping.

So, what are some decent, inexpensive ($30 or lower,) heatsinks that I could use that wouldn't get in the way of the memory slots?
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  1. Thats a great board. You should go with cooler master. Hyper 212+ should do . it is 26$ on newegg.com . it will also not disturb your RAM setting.


    It is compatible with both intel nd AMD sockets
  2. This seems like a good one that would fit easily in the case. Any thoughts?

  3. ya hyper TX3 is pretty good . also its only 20$ . it will fit your case. nd you know quality is good as its cooler master. so go for it
  4. I got the TX3. Thanks for the input =D
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