Wher to buy cheap HP laptop mobo?

Hi guys/gals im looking for a site that i can get a cheap Hp motherboard the part number for the mobo is 482324-001 :bounce: . The graphics card burnt out no post just a black screen. I tried an external monitor but no luck so its defo the gpu. I looked around on the interweb couldnt find anything without putting a massive hole in my wallet. Does anyone know of any website that sells that model of mobo cheap or is ther any other model that will fit my laptop.

Thanks for any help. :)

Laptop Spec
HP Pavilion DV5-1110EM Athlon Dual-Core X2 RM2

ps i hate hp :fou:
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  1. I think that you can use HP coupon codes to save your money. HP provides from 20% to 30% discount to special products. You can go to online HP shop or HP coupon website to see that. :)
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