Seagate Barracuda XT ST33000651AS 3TB SATA3

I have contacted both Microsoft forums and Seagate and ASUS tech suppt RE: this drive and although both companies told me the HDD was compatible, their technicians were unable to make this drive show it's initial 2.2TB of space on installation, or even after loading the newest Seagate Disc Wizard software which I received from Seagate techs and installed and configured with their help. My ASUS P5N-D PC's BIOS shows the entire 3tb of space and they assured me, the Disc Wizard software from Seagate would correct this issue.
The drive was reported by both manufacturers and is advertised, to be compatible with my ASUS P5N-D PC and with Win Vista 64bit. I have contacted the Manufacturers of both my PC and of the 3tb HDD and no one is able to give me a solution. Microsoft, Seagate and ASUS claim, that Vista 64bit should recognize 2.2tb of this drive and that the HDD's additional space, should be configurable as an additional partition.HELP! Thanks
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  1. Search this forum for "GPT". You need to initialize the volume as a GPT volume. The more common, and default, MBR volume cannot handle over 2.2 MiB.

    The think is, we all know about formatting _partitions_, but MBR and GPT are partitioning schemes and apply to the entire volume. They have to be applied first.

    So delete all partitions on the drive and use the Disk Manager to Initialize the drive as GPT (I'm familiar with Win7; my apologies if this doesn't work under Vista). Then you can create a partition with all the space and format it as NTFS; it will work.

    You will not be able to boot from this device. Only motherboards that support UEFI instead of BIOS can boot of of GPT volumes. The P5 motherboards are not UEFI devices.

    Good luck.
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