Motherboard Fitting Question.

My first build.

Ive purchased a Biostar T5XE CFX...
to go with my HAF 932. Well excuse my noobness, but it doesnt fit correctly. Ive place all the MB standoffs according to the template that came with the case for an ATX MB. The CPU cooler holes, and the cut-out in the case do not line up properly 3/4- 1 1/8" off. It also appears if the board is to short width wise, cause im missing mounting holes for the full ATX size. Just looks like the board is laid out all wrong, heck I dunno...
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  1. The CPU cooler holes have nothing to do with mounting the MB in the ccase. Look closely, a standard ATX MB will fit perfectly in the case.
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    A case will come with standoff mounting holes for several different motherboard formats.

    Use just the holes which match up exactly. You do not need to use all the holes in the motherboard, just so long as the motherboard fits the rear panel properly and is sufficiently secured.
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