Two WD 150gig RAID0

Question....I know this will be a real simple request from you all, but I'm going to be trading out the two "C" drives that are in RAID0 configuration for another two of the exact same Drives because the ones that I have now are not working properly. First before I take out my Hard Drives, what command or program do I need to execute to wipe both drives clean......Second, when I install the new drives, should I go directly to the Bios setup and choose "RAID0" configuration before I begin to instal Windows??

Thank You....
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  1. A full format of each of the old drives will clean them up. Any data remnants that may be left won't be readable. You will definitely need to set up raid0 before any software install on the drives, as raid set-up will wipe them clean.
  2. Yep that's what I'm planning to do...Thank you.
  3. Do you want to delete the data or do you want to "delete" the data. If you want to sell them and make sure no data is recoverable, I'd use something like kill disk or DBAN.
  4. No all I'm doing is sending back the two drives to Western Digital, and their going to send me New two drives of the same.....I just want to make sure that I clean sweep them before I send them back..
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