AMD 1055t on ASUS M4A79XTD EVO

Hi, I'm very new to overclocking and recently put in a hyper 212+ and became interested in overclocking. Can someone with the same set up tell me how they did this because I'm pretty nervous and don't really wanna mess anything up
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  1. Just want to know , how high your target oc it ?
    1055T overclock use FSB (front side bus) it need high ram and strong ( must have heatsprider). Minimim 1333 or 1600mhz will better.
  2. I only have 1333mhz ram and I wanted to know the highest but stable oc. I'm guessing somewhere around 3.5 or something??
  3. increase FSB to 250 , Voltage CPU at 1.36 - 1.4 , drop memory ratio 1066 or to 3:8 , increase voltage Ram [+0.015] it's smallest voltage, disabled Cool n Quite
    test your OC use Prime95 4hours or use Intelburntest (x20 at maimum memory )
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