G31M-S performance issues in vista

my g31m-s runs shithouse in vista n windows 7 cant even play games well i can but they chunk down like anything i have 2gig of geil ddrII800 dual chan kit, a core2quad q6600 and a nvidia 8600gs with 512mb ram it also supports dvmt (dynamic video memory technology) windows xp i get superb perfomance out of vista n win7 chunk bad in games any ideas why??? bios setting mebbie im pretty cluey with computers and this has honestly got me stumped lol....
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  1. 32 bit OS versus 64 bit OS with the same old hardware? Your apps will run faster in XP naturally.

    You can try to overclock your Q6600 to a 1333 fsb to see if helps your chunk bad in games.
  2. im trying to run 32bit vista not 64bit reckon 64bit may work better? funny thing is the cpu used to be on a ddr board and it was blasing fast in win7 n vista new board is ddr2 n runs worse lol
  3. is there anychance anyone can do a bit of research n see if there is a problem with that particular board or graphics card or if the whole configuration needs changing or if theres a setting that may be bottlenecking etc?
  4. I've checked asrock for help, they have nothing on there about it either, seems my board is too new for any form of support or something when it comes asrock. not sure if this helps but im running latest nvidia cuda drivers n nvidia physx drivers and latest direct x nothing seems to help even updated the intel ich7 chipset inf and everything nothing has helped.
  5. What games and at what resolution? Maybe there's nothing wrong with your system and your trying to push it to something it just can't do.
  6. used to always play pro street at max detail 1600x1200 on the q6600 in xp running ddr400 and a gf8600gt 512mb now in xp with the new board and geil ddrII800 running a gf8400gs it just runs smooth on 1280x1024 max detail
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