Can nvidia gtx 280 run solidworks

will it work but a little slower ?
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  1. it would do fine im runing solid edge on a 4870 wich is compareble
  2. Maybe. The speed isn't going to be the problem - Solidworks needs to have the card on a list of approved cards or it won't run. I don't know if the 280 is approved or not.
  3. thanks
    i want to know if any one have actual expirience with solidworks
    on a non approved grafic card
  4. i have run Solid works on a variety of Nvidia cards that were not approved. The last was a low end out of spec PC with an 8800 series card. Yes it ran slow and I was not be able to build really large assemblies without it freezing nor did I get the crisp lines and smooth shading that solid works is capable of, but if that set up will run 09 I would guess it will do fine on the 280 card with a decent processor. I will soon find out as I am configuring an HP with the same card to run SW.
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