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Page file size, 16 GB DDR3-1600 RAM, Small SSD.

I just built a new machine, and noticed that a huge part of my primary system disk, a 60 GB solid state drive, was being used by the page file (~16GB). I obviously need that space, given that storage space is limited on my SSD. How big a page file should I define, given that I have bountiful RAM?
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  1. Monitor yuor RAM usage on resource monitor. You probably wont exceed it. If you don't exceed it, you can set it to minimum or disable it.
  2. Agree with Pyree here ,

    some good info here (win7 loves the page file.)
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    you can also delete hyberfil.sys to gain a large amount of space

    this still lets you use sleep
  4. If you have 8 gig or more you can most likely remove/disable the page file completely.
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