Does this mobo support the new phenom II chips?

my friend recently upgraded and sold me his mobo and cpu for $100.
the mobo is the asus m2n-sli, on asus's website it states that its socket am2+, the cp currenty in it is an old athlon fx-60, i wanted to upgrade to a new am3 chip which are suppose to work on am2+ boards provided a bios update.

also the mobo has a 570i nvidia chip set with sli x8 x8, what would be the limitations of running 2 gtx260?
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  1. officially no

    though start searching around, there are people that are using the newest bios and using both AM2+ and AM3 Phenom II's on the old M2N boards)

    Unofficial CPU compatibility for Asus M2N series Motherboards

    though this is a hope for the best expect the worst kind of deal
  2. Phenom II M2N32-SLI Deluxe BIOS 2205 recognizes AM3 CPU

    not the same board, but same idea

    good luck
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