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I am trying to install a new hard drive on a dell dimension but keep getting the message no boot device avaliable which i got with the old drive too so what do i do
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  1. Do you have an OS installed on another drive? Or are you trying to install the OS on this new drive?
  2. Does the hard drive show up in the BIOS?
  3. IF it is a new HDD and is the only one that will be in the system - you need to boot from the windows DVD (might have to make sure the CDRom device is on the boot list above the HDD) and then it will start the setup for installing the OS onto your new HDD. Until you have installed the OS the new HDD does not have the boot files on it so will nnot show up as a boot device. (as part of the windows install it will format and add the boot files to the HDD)
  4. Maybe your cable is bad.
  5. I believe the power supply was messing up but thanks for everyone help
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