GTS 250 vs

Purchasing Core 2 Quad Q8300 (2.5ghz), 8G DDR3, etc. (gaming)

Question ............ Would I be better off with one GTS 250 ?? OR for about the same money, I could install 2 9600GT cards.

Which would serve me better in the long run - I've been keeping my computers about 5 years (I know .... too long) before being able to afford a new build (occasional small upgrades).

I'd appreciate any input.
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  1. an a gts 250 is jus renamed 9800gtx+
  2. for the same price get a 4850 or 4870
  3. Err if you getting DDR3 hit either an i7 or Phenom 2 rig @@ As for your GPU question: we need to know your resolution games take place
  4. what you'd be better off with for gaming is a Core 2 duo with a higher clock speed and 4 gig of ram

    or get even smarter and buy a phenom x3 720 be and 4 gig of ddr3 to go with your new am3 mb
  5. If you have an SLI mobo and the PSU to handle it - the answer is easy, Go with the GTS 250. Then you still have a slot open to later add another GTS 250 and almost double gaming power, especially important if you are keep rig for 5 years.
  6. If you can swing another 80 bucks or so I would get the 275. EVGA has a 25.00 rebate on this card now. I got mine at Microcenter...
  7. At the very minimum get a Core 216 GTX 260
  8. First, Whats your full rig because if you dont give us a hint of what you have, people (as you see) will start throwing parts at you and you may not even need them.

    First, Q8300 isn't a gaming CPU, E8400/E8500 +1.

    Whats your mobo as of now, psu, ram, etc.

    If you didnt notice, there is a Stickey at the top of home built threads.
  9. GTX 260 Core 216 imo
  10. fullmetall made a good point about the Q8300. It will be considerably slower than the E8400/E8500 in gaming. If you want a quad then consider the Q6600 (if you can find one) or the Q9550.

    If you have a microcenter local to you they have the Q9550 for 169.99. I have mine OC to 3.6 with no issues and probably can go further but haven't needed to try yet.
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