GTX 285 Vs GTX 260 Black edition

I recently got a BFG GTX 285 1GB DDR3.I picked it myself and thougth that was a good purchase until one of my mates started saying that is GTX 260 was pretty much the same and he paid a whole lot less for it.

Now,i´m no expert in the matter but i assume that a graphics card that as a 702mhz core clock,1584mhz shader clock and 1332mhz memory clock is better than one with 666,1128and 1092mhz respectively...(bias was taken from evga percision).

I it just like this?Or did i made a bad purchase and my friend is dead right?

PS:I guess is 260 as some sort of special overclock(mine as also)for that version...Maybe it does compensate bias because of it.....?
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  1. You are correct, both cards you have shown are overclocked, but the differences between the GTX260 and GTX285 are deeper than just clockspeeds.
    The GTX285 has 240 shaders against the 216 of the GTX260 and the GTX285 has a 512 bit memory interface while the GTX260 has 448 bit memory.
    Rest assured, you have the (currently) fastest single chip card on the planet.
    Your friend is totally wrong.
  2. Thanks coozie7,i´ll be sure to tell i´m that :)
  3. Have your friend read the following GTX 285 review or at least look at the benchmarks:
  4. Thanks jaguarskx.i apreciated :)
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