Cooling Guidance Much Appreciated

Hey Guys I built my computer and am pretty knowledgeable in that field. I'm not sure where to start on cooling, since ti seems to be a big problem for me. It's my room lol, and i need to leave the ac on all the time. I used the regular stock fans that came with it. The unit's back si facing to the wall, but the other sides are open. With the coolermaster it helps, the back is 9 inches away from the wall, I don't i can stick it out anymore. I'm sorry in advance if I posted this incorrectly or to much info. I wasn't sure if I should of done air cooling for help or deep cooling.

Case: Cooler Master Hal-932 with all the fans they provided me with.
Processor: Intel Core i7-920 2.66Ghz 8M LGA1366 CPU
Video Card: Two EVGA nVidia GeForce GTS 250 1 GB DDR3 PCI-Express Video Cards
Motherboard: XFX X58i SLI Intel X58 Socket LGA1366 Motherboard
Ram: 12 Gigs 6 dimms OCZ Platinum Tri Channel 6144MB PC10666

Temperatures Right now are bad right now:

Two GPUS Are running at 60C
CPU is at 89C
Cores close to 90-100c

The inside is cool but the devices are hot I've turn up the ac and turn it off. I need to do something, I don't want this to burn out. It also turned off two cores. The inside is clean in wires are limited.
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More about cooling guidance appreciated
  1. Whats the ambient (room) temperature without the Ac on?
    Gpu temps look normal to me so I'm inclined to think either your cooler needs the thermal paste replacing, your cooler needs replacing, or its time to look at watercooling
  2. As Moto said,

    Ur GPU temps look normal but ur CPU is definatly a little high.

    remove your cpu cooler and reapply with some new thermal paste.
  3. I go along with moto here. GPU temps are fine. The problem is the CPU.

    Are you using the stock cooler?

    Are you overclocking?

    Suggestions for applying thermal compound:
  4. Ambient temperature varies, but yesterday it was 68-70. Once the ac is turned off the temperature rises far higher then normal temperature. I opened up the case and saw a lot of dust, i got an air canister, and cleaned a lot the fan on the cpu was all dust and it's clean now. It 45f outside, 72 f in my room and the cpu is at 89C, GPUS at 57-60C. What should the norm be? The hard drive is at 31c and the system is 36C. All the cores are at 99 c. I replaced the regular fan with a newer one a while back, but i was thinking of of getting the Cooler Master V10 and 3 fans to replace the one up top. I also though of putting a radiator or a fan by the video cards.
  5. ok,first stop swapping between fahrenheit and celsius lol, one or the other please as I cba keeping a temp converter tab open :P
    72F is roughly 22C so thats none too high,
    I'd stick with my original advice in the original order
    'normal' temps well I'd say any idle over 45C start addressing your temps,
    I also dredged this old post up,
    theres a post about halfway down by CompuTronix you may find interesting/handy
    but a better Hs does seem to be your next purchase, along with some decent tm paste ofc
  6. If your idle temps are that high, it is possible that the cooler is installed improperly, as in the pushpins are not quite locked down.

    Question: did you install the cooler before or after you installed the motherboard in the case?

    Most of the large aftermarket cooler use a backing plate under the motherboard. Downside is that unless the case has a cutout under the CPU socket area, you will need to pull the motherboard to fit the cooler. One of the upsides is that it's pretty hard to install one incorrectly.
  7. Hey so I did a bunch of things, cleaning the interior of dust and re-socketing the video cards and the vents. The fan on the CPU was loose one of the ball bearing bolts is bent so it comes out every now and then. i fixed and the temperature was down to 59-62 C. I guess that is a good level, I will replace the fan and heat sink. If i were to get the Cooler master V10 I would get more cooling I guess.
  8. Definately a Hs issue then, grab the aftermarket cooler of your choice and install with fresh gloop then, and remember, some pastes have a run-in or curing time
    just so sure you are aware of it and don't post again saying you've re-applied and temps are still hot hehe
  9. Yeah I wont be doing that again.
    Thanks Again
  10. No probs man :-)
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