Can a motherboard kill a hard drive?

I mean kill as in make it lockup randomly, not wipe the drive on its own.

Onto my problem. About 1-2 years ago I bought a computer from ibuypower. I have a 500gb HDD, intel core 2 duo e8400, 4gigs of ram, and dual 8800gt gpus. For the first year the computer has worked fine. My 500 gig hard drive had no issues.

A couple months ago, my hard drive started having random lockups. I figured it was just my windows install, so I kept reformatting and installing it again. From XP - 7 I have had these issues. I, then, supposed it was my ram. I kept RMA-ing my RAM, setting timings, and running memtest. No issues on the ram. I later thought maybe it is my hard drive, so I called up Hitachi and RMA'd the hard drive. The second hdd I recieved was a dud, i installed 7 and locked up perhaps 20 minutes after the install finished. My friend has recently let me use his very small Seagate hard drive. It worked fine, but has lately had some freezes and lockups exactly like the hitachi drive.

Can this be my PSU, or motherboard? My RAM timings are fine and so is the voltage. My PSU has almost exact ratings for the voltages that you can look at in the bios. My motherboard is an Asus p5n-e sli and my PSU is 750watt, incase I was to ever upgrade.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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  1. perhaps your motherboard northbridge might be damaged( it controls the memory,hd and optical drives (cd,dvd,br dvd)

    that could be the cause for the hd lokup ,

    might as well you could try your hd with a different motherboard. then tell me how did it go!
  2. Yes,If u have problems in mobo ,it will kill ur hdd,My old intel d101ggc had killed my hdd abt 3times!
  3. Don't forget that if you're just near the limit of power for your PSU, one of the problems is crashing due to HDD activity. I had that problem before, putting a stronger power supply fixed the problem, but by the time I knew it was the PSU, my HDD was no good anymore.
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