Where is directX 10.1?

i just got this card:

Amazing card. i love it. but on the specifications it says DirectX 10.1. now is this just saying it supports it? or comes with it?

The installation disk didnt seem to have any installation for directX 10.1(but it also didnt seem to go through all the steps listed on the CD, after what appears to be the second step, which is the display drivers, the computer resets and does not continue with what appears to be three more categories. and i cannot get to them manually). A game i installed gave me directX 9.0c, which i confirmed by looking in dxdiag.

So do i have to get 10.1 some other way? if so, where?

any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Ok the card is DX10.1 capable, that means it needs.
    A. An OS that will support DX10 and higher, that = Vista or W7
    And B. more importantly a game that supports DX10.1, Assasins Creed did but Nvidia got the game patched to remove the .1 so its just DX10 now.
    Any more questions please just ask

  2. ok, that makes sense. i have windows XP but i can get Vista through my college software distribution.

    so basically i will need to look to see if a game is made for 10.1 or just 10.0? anything that does not support it would not look or perform any better even if i have 10?
  3. Pretty much, DX10 and Vista have yet to take off so you may as well wait for W7.
  4. ^1+ just wait for 7, i use 10.1 and only results in minor fps gains in stalker clear sky. i really dont notice a differance in quality either
  5. for future reference, where would i go to get 10 or 10.1? do i get them through ATI? Microsoft?
  6. Don't worry about it, it's part of the OS so if you get W7 you will have DX11 as it's built in.
  7. oh i see. ty for the help everyone
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