4 hdd/ssd for raid 10 under $1000

hi guys, am looking for 4 new storage drives for a home server. so i got a few questions
1. how much space do i need
2. what raid configuration should i run
3. what drives should i get

am also thinking about hosting some online gaming and or websites. one other thing how good are ssd's for server use, cant find out much about them.
thanks jesse
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  1. am curently considering
    4x Crucial 128GB RealSSD for around $240each
    4x Western Digital VelociRaptor WD3000BLFS 300GB for $250each
    4x TOSHIBA MBE2147RC 147GB 15000 RPM $230
    4x Seagate Savvio 15K.2 ST9146852SS 146GB 15000 RPM $220
    4x IBM 42D0632 146GB 10000 RPM SAS 6Gb/s $260
    4x Seagate Cheetah 15K.7 ST3300657SS 300GB 15000 RPM $240
  2. These drives are far too performant for a storage server! The limiting factor your server will be the connection speed especially if people are connecting to it via by WAN rather than LAN.

    Maybe consider using one SSD for the OS and a raid configuration of larger capacity drives say 2TB drives.
  3. yeah was what i was going to do to start with but as im fairly keen on hosting games like counter strike or call of duty. will slower drives be able to suport that?
    im also looking at getting a mobo with duel gb lan to make use of the drives :P
  4. Ok so in a best case scenario dual gigabit LAN would give you 256MB/s.

    Your bottleneck is not going to be the hard drive speed but it's going to be your internet connection speed. What is your upload speed?
  5. im on abit better than 50mb/s atm but am looking at getting some extra lines aswell
    depending on how everything turns out
  6. but is a very good point
  7. So as it stands you can only serve data, in a best case scenario, at 0.31MB/s on a WAN. Any modern HDD drive is going to saturate that with ease.

    Keep in mind however that latency is also an issue here.
  8. sorry mistake with my above post, am on 50mb/s and am definatly getting a new line in
  9. but still will only be on 100mb/s best case scenario
  10. Western Digital Caviar Black WD7501AALS 750GB
    Transfer Rate:
    Min= 56.9 MB/s
    Max= 113.3 MB/s
    Avg= 90.9 MB/s
    should be easy enough
  11. Ok so that's still 12.5MB/s. Even single green drives have a greater minimum read than that - see this Samsung F4 HDTune benchmark.

    I'd just start off with two drives, one for the OS and one as storage. If you want to be fancy have a SSD for the OS and a singular 2TB drive for storage. Implementing RAID should only be done when needed. If you don't need the additional reliability and capacity then don't pay for the additional cost and complexity.
  12. ok so if i wanted to host a ftp server and some online gaming say like 10 to 20 games of 10 people what sort of internet conection would i need?
    because i really dont know were to find that info
  13. Have you considered paying a company to host this for you?

    You won't have to be concerned about security and if it doesn't perform as they specify then it's their problem to solve - not yours.
  14. yeah but i kinda want the expiriance in setting one up and learing how to run one.
    its the sort of thing i want to get in to
  15. Ok then if it's just a learning process then I'd recommend not buying anything and just configuring one of your PCs to be that server.

    Configure an FTP server on the machine. Then for the games that you want to use look into how to set up a dedicated server. It should be in the manual for the game. Alternatively just launch the game and look for some server settings.
  16. ok so if i had to build a new computer for this what specs would you recomend

    hdd that suports 50mb/s read min ?
    cpu that is atleast 2.6ghz (aparantly u need atleast that much for 200mb/s data)
    4gb+ of ram (is triple channel alot better than duel for this aplication)
    dont really need much graphics
    600watt psu
    raid card (just for fun)
    mobo to handle that sorta stuff
    sound about right ?
  17. Well I wouldn't recommend a new machine at all because it's a learning exercise. If you had to build a new machine these would be my comments:

    Firstly be mindful of your units lower case b is bits whereas upper case is bytes. 8x difference between the two.

    I've seen nothing to suggest to me that anything under 2.6GHz won't achieve "n" amounts of data transfer.

    I doubt you'll see actual differences between triple channel and dual channel out with a benchmark.

    No graphics required but you'll obviously need something to set it up so either a motherboard with onboard GPU or a low powered GPU you can remove later.

    That PSU number seems pulled out the air. Where are you getting 600W from?

    RAID for the fun? Are you mad? :) Would you want hardware raid or software raid?
  18. ok sounds good. went 2.60GHz as it was the processor that a hp server had, that was the same size as the one i want to build. the reason for the 600watt psu was when i used the thermaltake psu calculator for an i7 920 with 4, 15k rpm hdd's, raid card and a GeForce 5500 it came up with abit over 500watts.
    i already posted the raid card i would like to use.
  19. i have now decided to use wester digital black caviar hdds so thanks for helping me pick :P
    really thanks heaps
  20. No problem buddy.

    The WDs will do you well. Glad you have it sorted now.
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