RAID issues after power cut

Hey people,
I'm entirely lost with a recent hardware fault and wonder if anybody here could shed some light on it.
Around a week ago I had a power cut (over shorted out!!!) and since my desktop PC has been acting up (just running extremely slowly and freezing a lot; to the extent that flash video wouldn't work!).

I thought it was a software issue but reinstalling windows didn't help, neither did swapping out memory sticks. I did a few tests on the memory and processor, both pass fine.

The problem seems to be with RAID, if I reinstall windows onto a single drive bypassing the raid controller everything is fine. However, set up in raid my PC is extremely slow (I'm guessing as something with RAID has gone wrong it cannot write to disk).

I've tried deleting the array and re-installing on a fresh array but other than that I'm stumped as to what to do.... although raid isn't essential I have all the kit to do it so it would be nice!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'd be amazed if everything about your machine was ok but only the raid controller was affected!

    Is it an add on card or just onboard the motherboard? Do you have an add on graphics card? I suppose PCI components could have been damaged.

    Are you certain you have all associated drivers installed (including chipset)?

    Have you ran any disk utility programs like HDTune?
  2. Hey, Thanks for the input.
    It is an on-board controller on an XFX 750i motherboard. The drivers were definately installed (as I'm pretty sure they are pre-installed on my windows 7 disc, I didn't require loading them on in the first place).

    Could you recommend a free HD diagnostic tool? I hadn't thought about it but I guess it is entirely possible that one of the HD in the raid has gone.... my raid controller page does however say the discs are 'Healthy".

    Thanks for the help.
  3. What RAID are you running 0/1/5? The drives can be painfully slow especially on mirrored and Raid 5 drives if one drive is failing and it wont sync properly. If you had a stripped set and one drive was failing it would usually just crash the machine. You should be able to go into the RAID Bios and check its status should be green and say healthy.
  4. I doubt precise chipset drivers were included with a Windows 7 install disc. Have a look on the XFX support page for the latest drivers. I'd provide you a link but they seem to split the support by locale and you probably aren't from the UK.

    HDTune is free and is pretty good. I don't think your controller will let you read SMART values unfortunately because there are multiple drives. You would be able to do a benchmark though.

    Unfortunately whilst your raid controller may report the drives as healthy it may not refer to the SMART values and could just refer to the RAID data it holds.
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