1Gb ddr2 or 512Mb ddr3 for VGA?

I wanna choose between two VGA cards, both are 9500GT. But which one is better in performance? 1Gb ddr2 or 512Mb ddr3?
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    most of the time the 512mb DDR3 will outperform the 1Gb DDR2, but it really depends on the model of the card.... 9500GT's are weak since they only have 32 SP's so in all they are more or less the same performance-wise.....
  2. they may be about the same performance wise but the DDR3 will pull a bit less power and lightly over a hair further. I would go with the DDR3.
  3. DDR3, definitely.
  4. sorry to get off topic but cjl how do you like that P6T? I have been deciding between that and saying to hell with it and going for the EVGA classfiled.
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