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Whats the best choices of cards to buy when buying a separate card. I have a spare Radeon 2400pro card at home. would this do anything. any suggestions would be welcome.
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  1. What do you do? Just surf the web/movies or do you game? If so what games, and what is your budget? What size is your monitor and what CPU do you have/are getting?
  2. mild gaming, internet, and general computing. I use an AMD Phenom II x 3, Monitor 22". I'm currently using Vista 32 but will upgrade to Win 7 64. Budget $100. or under.
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    If you are willing to spend all the budget and want a card you won't have to uprgade for quiet some time then I would say the 4850.

    if you want something a cheaper to stay under budget I would suggest this.

    Either which would do just fine.
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