Windows only sees 1gb while CPUID and BIOS see 4gb

So I have this problem. I had just installed another 2 gb stick to my system and windows only sees 1gb. I had this problem before i had 4gb. I also checked each stick to see if they both get the same reading. For some reason Windows Upgrade advisor sees 1gb, task manager sees 1gb, My computer sees 1gb. While CPUID and Bios see 4gb. What should I do?
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  1. Try the sticks individually, then together in different combinations of slots, could be a bad one in the mix. Running memtest may help also.

    Are you running 64 bit XP? If not, you will only be able to use a bit over 3 gig in Windows anyway.
  2. I am using 32bit. So I know it will only use around 3 gb but it is still only recognizing 1gb. I am going to try the different slots soon. Now I am going to run memtest.
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