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i recieved my upgrade from vista to w7, ran the compatibilty- all good to go, run the scan and was told to continue i had to remove "realtek HD audio driver" and "WLAN something something" programs, removed them then had to remove macafee security did that, put install disk in, then could not connect to internet, so i cancelled and rebooted and now i cannot access the net! please help!
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  1. wlan something is your wireless lan. I am assuming you have a usb wireless dongle or card/wifi to connect to the internet? You will have to dl the latest drivers for your wireless card/antenna.usb. You'll obviously have to use another pc to get the latest win7 drivers.

    When I do a fresh install I always have the drivers for the Ethernet/wireless BEFORE I install, saved to my thumb drive. Then I download everything else. I hardly ever install drivers from discs anymore. Esp for 7.
  2. If you have Linux LiveCD, run it and download the drivers you need.
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