Upgrading acer aspire x3200 desktop ground zero.


thats my pc:

phenom x3 2.1 ghz
4gb ram
220-watt psu

just ordered from newegg:
antec 300 case + antec 550w psu
sapphire vapor-x 5750

Going to port the motherboard over into the new case, to fit new card and sustain the new psu. Shouldn't this work? Btw it only has pcie 1.o, will this/my cpu bottleneck this card? trying to form a budget gaming rig that isnt a power hog. please give suggestions.

next upgrade will be new motherboard/cpu/second 5750 CF

was thinking a phenom II x4? by the way would the 95w one drop into my acer motherboard? i hate not to plan ahead, annoying unforeseeable problems always come up. but im trying to work out this upgrade in stages.

will i be able to re activate windows vista prem 64 when i upgrade? or should i get the student edition windows 7 for 1/2 off when the time comes?

thanks -johnny
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  1. It's not the motherboard that will be the main bottleneck on the card, but the weak CPU. Anyway, it will still be a huge upgrade over that 9500GT and in the new Case the CPU should at least run cooler, making sure it lasts till you get a better one :D.
  2. i got a phenom black edition would i benefit from the unlocker multiplier on the acer motherboard? trying to get out of upgrading due to the vista hassles. :)
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