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Does anybody know where the sound and volume keys are stored in windows vista?

My goal is to increase the maximum sound from my laptop speakers. Some programs, like VLC, will let me go to 200% volume but most web programs do not.
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  1. I think that's controlled through your audio control panel, or the device properties of your laptop sound hardware. Check it through Device Manager.
  2. when I go through control panel and go to adjust settings, I get to a screen that allows me to change volume levels, but the highest level is restricted to 100%, this is also the same as using the volume buttons on the keyboard :(

    Thanks for the reply, keep any ideas coming. I hate having to jump up and go to the desktop to veiw a web video. (again, if it is a downloaded video, I can use VLC to play sound at an acceptable level)

    any ideas on how to change the maximum sound level to 150%?
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