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Hey Guys,

So I read the sticky at the top of the section but I still have a question.

Im planning on building a new gaming rig in May when I graduate college. The last time I built a machine, I unfortunately bought an AMD Athlon X2, socket 939 right at the end of the 939 life cycle. AM2 came out just a few months after I built that machine so, of course, upgrading was out of the question. So I was wondering if there are any new CPUs coming out in the near future or are the socket types out now going to be around and viable for a few more years?

I know that the core i5 is the new one, but i7 is the recommended high end CPU for gaming. The Phenom II is good but not as good as the i7 and even the i5 from the tests Ive seen. Ive heard that intel has yet another socket type (1155) coming in a few months, does AMD have anything coming to topple intel or are they doomed to be second in high end performance?

My goal in this next build is to get high end gaming performance that wont be outdated for a few years or so. So I guess Im asking on what will fit that build?

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  1. Wont gonna happen, technology is moving so fast that after a year ur pc is gona be old and unupgadable bla bla bla. Honesly? Buy what is best on market, mine PC is working from 2 years and I still can run top end games at high, simple quad core/8/16gb ram and upgrade CG card every2 year should work. (dont think about upgrading CPU/MOBO etc etc coz they are going to change b4 u notice)
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    I'd grab a i7 920in hi end asus board to "hold you over" until the new fancy smancy CPUs hit the streets.
  3. Left out "today" that is I'd grab a 920 today to hold you may, the new cpu's will be on the streets.
  4. Buy for your needs now

    Hardware will always be cheaper, faster and more capable six months from when you purchase.

    The idea that you may build something today that will not be outdated in two years don't fly. See Moore's Law ...
  5. as jack said a core i7 920 would be the cpu of choice. The LGA 1336 socket (what the i7 920 is on) is planned to have a 6 core cpu codename gulftown (most likely going to be core i9) some time next year.

    So we know is that socket will be use for another year.
  6. Wow, thats crazy. So LGA 1366 will probably be the platform of choice for a little while then. Thats good to know. That was the platform I was looking at and was wondering if anything new was coming out. I may just ride out this 939 machine til May. I can still play games but with DDR ram and my Athlon X2 with 2mb of L2 cache Im starting to see performance issues with alot of games.
  7. For future proofing (2yrs etc), u need to be looking at a 1366, 1156 is already 1/2 dead. You will likly find the new i9 will be 1366 so that would give u a nice upgrade path.
  8. Most likely USB3 and PCIe Gen3 motherboards will be rolling out in Q210.

    Where the the i7 smacks down everything else is with encoding ... it's been beat to death around here as to whether the HT is really a benefit in gaming.

    Come Spring the Radeon HD5XXXs will definitely be less expensive and the nVidia GT300 should be out.

    I believe the core i5 s1155 you are referring to is the 32nm dual-core CPU die which has a graphics core and the new AVX instruction set.
  9. cygone said:
    For future proofing (2yrs etc), u need to be looking at a 1366, 1156 is already 1/2 dead. You will likly find the new i9 will be 1366 so that would give u a nice upgrade path.

    can you prove the 1156 is 1/2 dead? Even though there nothing being shown from intel 1156 cpus, doesn't mean that there no plans for it. Im pretty sure there will be future cpus on this socket that may even get 6 core (and maybe more).
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