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Hi there!
I'm looking to build a new system in the next few days.
I already have the case and CPU.
the CPU is a phenom 9950. Yes that's a first gen phenom.
I need advice for the mobo.
Chances are I won't be going crossfire or sli, but its an attractive option.

My budget is about 1000 dollars.

I got the CPU for free, so I figured why not.
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  1. You'll need to use ddr2 with the phenom I. I suggest the ecs A780GM-A Ultra for $74.99 shipped at newegg. Not as many ddr2 boards to choose from now, since ddr2 is being phased out. But you can still run an am3 cpu later on this board if you want something a little faster. Or you can spend $20 more for a biostar 790gx board if you want to overclock. For ram, I would go with corsair 2x2gb of ddr2 for $81.99 shipped. If you're not on newegg's email promo mailing list, I would register today so you can see tomorrow's specials.
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