SRT vs RAID0...?

I couldn't find much info about SRT (Intel smart response technology) vs having a SSD for OS and 2 HDDs in RAID0.

Which would give more performance, having a 1TB WD Caviar Black with a 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 in SRT or a 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 (for OS+main programs) and 2 500GB WD Caviar Black Hard Drives for games and storage?

I guess it would depend on how you use your computer but would one be generally better than the other?
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  1. Option 2: SSD for OS & Main Programs and a RAID0 for everything else.

    The Intel SRT is not going to increase performance enough on a mechanical drive to out perform a SSD in terms of a main drive.
  2. i was kind of hoping that would be the case because it means I can save money on not getting a z68 (I'll get a p67). I'm looking to build a near silent (as quiet as possible) comp, should I be worried about the caviar blacks? Especially since there would be 2 of them?
  3. No... WD Blacks are excellent hard drives, so I won't worry about them. :)
  4. My only concern is noise since I've read they are quite loud.
    I'm now deciding between getting
    x2 500GB Caviar Black
    x2 1TB Caviar Blue

    I could get double the storage for slightly lower price and not be concerned with the noise. But if the noise isn't that bad and the performance increase is noticeable on the blacks then I'll get them.
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