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Liquid Cooling Questions

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November 4, 2009 8:52:49 PM

I was looking at liquid cooling my new gaming rig, and I have been doing plenty of researching on that matter. If I liquid-cool my pc, I want it to be all internal. I've been looking at the koolance stuff, and I was intrigued by one of their Pump/Reservoir combos; the INX-720 V2, to be exact. I was wondering if anyone was running this or had an opinion on it, and if it could support cooling a whole mess of things, such as two GPU's, a MoBo and 3 sticks of ram, which is what my soon-to-be gaming rig will be running, and probably overclocked and hot too.

I also have a crazy friend who has been using liquid nitrogen to keep his pc freezing. Is this worth looking into or just something crazy stupid and not worth it?

There are some other items that I have some questions about as well. One such thing is the tubing. What is the best tubing size, in your opinion? Or rather, what has worked best for you? What about Plate Heat Exchangers? What do those do, really, and is it something I should look at incorporating into my liquid cooling system? And last but not least, the liquid itself. Ignoring the liquid nitrogen, I've noticed that some sites sell liquid for the cooling systems. Does it make an improvement in performance or should I just use distilled water?

All this also brings up the question of a case. I would assume with a lot of tubing a full tower would be best. Running off of that, what should I consider getting? I've looked at the coolermasters and the thermaltakes, and I was wondering what to use. I saw the thermaltake's Armor+ LCS system, and was wondering if that worked relatively well, and if the LCS in it would handle two cards and everything on the motherboard plus other things that may be added later. I like the idea of the LCS built into a system, but the taking up of drive bays in the front has me questioning it as well.

I also was wondering if getting an extra liquid bay would be advisable, such as the Thermaltake AquaBay M3.

So many questions, I know, but I'm new to this whole 'liquid cooling' bit and I wanted to figure it all out before I start putting together my new computer. Any help is appreciated, and thank you in advance.

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November 4, 2009 11:28:53 PM

I would also like to know the answer to alot if not all of these questions, so bumping for good measure.

Q. Have you looked over the Antec 1200 and P193 Cases? Really good build quality, and lots of room!
November 5, 2009 2:10:14 PM

without a doubt great quality, but i'm questioning the ability to put a LCS in them. it might take up too much room. like i said, the Armor+ LCS case looks to be the best right now, just so i can get into the liquid cooling and try to understand it first. baby steps, right?
November 5, 2009 6:18:07 PM

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